15 Point Road Restaurant



For this project I had the opportunity to gain more real world experience. We were instructed to meet with a local company and rebrand them. 15 Point Road is a restaurant located in Portsmouth, RI. I met with the owner Sean, and he wanted to bring a new look to his restaurant to combine with the recent renovation they did. Their original logo was just a boat, however we felt it didn't represent the establishment well enough. The approach I took was to find a fish which was representative of the water and local seafood. The final logo is a deconstructed fish that I felt represented the restaurants new direction and look as well.

Project description

15PointRd_BrandPresentation-1 15PointRd_BrandPresentation-2 15PointRd_BrandPresentation-3 15PointRd_BrandPresentation-4 15PointRd_BrandPresentation-5 15PointRd_BrandPresentation-6 15PointRd_BrandPresentation-7